High-quality solutions and products for projects in sectors such as industry, energy, services, construction, telecommunications, petrochemical, solar panels, wind mills, gas explosion risk sites, etc.

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Automation panels

Euro-Cablage designs automation panels for diverse industrial activities:


Alongside automation panels, Euro-Cablage also supply

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Euro-Cablage - automation panels

Industrial electricity services

» electrical engineering: research & design of electrical panels
» electrical cabinets in polyester / aluminium 
» electrical series work 
» cabling electrical installations
» CMS printing panels / cabling
» cabling electricity in gas spaces / explosion-sensitive sites

About Euro-Cablage

The company Euro-Cablage, located in Elewijt and founded in 1991, is a dynamic enterprise and offers a wide range of products and services for a variety of industrial purposes, such as, electrical switchboards, cabinets and panels, control panels and automation, visualisation, spare-parts for drives, control panels, safety and control.

Euro-Cablage offers a wide range of high-technological activities and highly effective electrotechnical products.